Eight million tons of plastics end up in our oceans every year.1 By 2050, plastics may outnumber fish in the sea.2 One multinational tech company is combating this growing problem by aiming to recover and reuse over 3 million pounds of ocean plastic within the next five year. With Veritiv’s help, the company now has an innovative packaging solution to support this sustainability goal.



As part of their focus on sustainable packaging, one of the world’s leaders in computers and technology solutions set out to create a new package that would adequately protect its products while eliminating plastics from the packaging design to reduce ocean pollution. 

Veritiv Corp

Veritiv solution

Veritiv developed an innovative packaging solution that mixes 25% ocean-bound plastics (plastics recovered from beaches, waterways and coastal areas) and 75% recycled High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) into a molded tray that is 100% curbside recyclable. Mixing ocean-bound plastics with recycled HDPE ensures impurities within the recycled plastics do not affect the quality or chemical composition of the end plastic.


With this durable, environmentally conscious packaging solution, the computer company has made a significant impact on their sustainability goals and consumer confidence. The firm is not only reducing their carbon footprint, but also offsetting it by removing plastics from the waste stream and adding them to the circular economy. Plus, their customers will know that the packages arriving at their doorsteps are protecting the products inside and the planet outside. 


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