Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle


Sheila G’s was given an exciting opportunity: co-brand their famous Brownie Brittle™ with a popular movie. This promotion would help them reach more people than ever, but it also presented new packaging challenges. The retailers for this promotion provided stringent guidelines to follow.

Veritiv solution

Veritiv created a retail folding carton and corrugated display that promoted both the brand and movie. The collaboration yielded a two-fold solution. Not only did Veritiv create a corrugated display to fit 30 folding cartons of Brownie Brittle, the display also doubled as a shipper—eliminating the need for an extra corrugated box.


Veritiv helped Sheila G’s meet the retailer’s stringent requirements for four flavors of their Brownie Brittle, reduced costs, and boosted sustainability.

sheila gs brownie brittle


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