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THE CHAllenge

Consistency is hard for REITs to attain because they often have to rely on a different distributor for every property. This can lead to inconsistent, rogue cleaning programs that create safety, health and sustainability issues.

That’s the challenge this REIT was facing. First, they had to make sure every property lived up to their corporate vision—to provide extraordinary properties that drew top dollar in every location. Part of this vision included sustainability to help the environment, and enhance their marketability.

They needed to make the switch to sustainable consumables across all five states, but to do that they’d need a multi-location company that could be the single distributor for their cleaning products, providing complete visibility across all properties and offering a single point of contact for ordering. 

The Veritiv™ Solution

That distributor was Veritv. Within five weeks, we created:

  • A single product portfolio and point of contact, with complete visibility across an easy online reporting system.
  • A cost-neutral switch to sustainable consumables across every property that led to 80% sustainable product purchasing.
  • Increased marketability by exceeding LEED® v4 O+M standards by 5%.
  • Complete removal of rogue, hazardous cleaning products, such as bleach and ammonia, that can be fire hazards.
  • A healthier building with sustainable consumables that reduce allergies and other health issues.
  • Better preservation of property assets by matching the correct cleaning agent to each material—from tile to stainless steel.

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