Power tool company

THE CHAllenge

With many of the company’s products being returned due to damage, the source of the problem was within the corrugated die cut pad. When the packaging was dropped, their saw products were damaged.


Veritiv created a packaging tray that withstood a 36” drop test, and could also double as an internal handling tray. The saw was partially built in the tray, and then slid into a container once completed.

Veritiv then created a molded pulp tray which offered the cushioning properties of foam, yet it was made from recycled materials. The tray performed well in drop tests, and its engineering principles were adopted for the design of three additional trays.


Veritiv’s testing and new design ideas resulted in a significant decrease in product damage plus delivered $75K of savings on product packaging. The packaging solution was also biodegradable and recyclable.


power tool company



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