Parcel carrier

THE CHAllenge

This parcel carrier is known for efficiently moving customer packages throughout the world, but they realized ordering, storing, staging and moving their own supplies was not their forte. They needed someone who could manage these assets, integrate with their existing technologies and provide a customer experience consistent with their well-known brand.


As an expert in fulfillment operations, Veritiv leveraged our logistics know-how, nationwide distribution centers and quality transportation fleet to develop a supply management solution for the carrier’s seven largest sorting operations.


By implementing a new order fulfillment solution and leveraging Veritiv’s supplier pricing, the parcel carrier saved more than $12M immediately, deployed the same solution internationally – yielding exponential savings, and offloaded work from employees so they could focus on more profitable tasks. Our packaging supply chain technologies also integrated with the carrier’s business systems, which led to seamless transactions with higher accuracy.


parcel carrier


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