Packaging Design and Services


From research and creative brainstorming, to prototyping and testing, we create package design that protects your product, promotes your brand and entices buyers

Our team of designers, materials experts,
and engineers takes your packaging from the ideation stage all the way to the manufacturing line.
Savings opportunities are hidden throughout your supply chain—especially in package design. We can lead you down a path of significant savings. Here's how:
STRUCTURAL AND GRAPHICAL EXPERTISE. Package design deeply influences customer impressions and is a big factor in the buying process. So we take great care in designing packaging that is both visually compelling as well as functional—able to withstand rigors of weather and travel, adhere to guidelines, and entice buyers.
SOURCING. Because we’re material neutral and partner with top suppliers all over North America, we can find the right mix for your package.
TESTING. Testing is an inseparable part of the design process, so we share samples with you or create fully functioning prototypes so you can see how it will look and work—saving time and reducing changes down the line.
The Value of Veritiv Packaging
  • Improve the visual and physical design of your packaging
  • Reduce costs in material, labor, warehousing
  • Increase production capacity
  • Develop a process that reduces steps and increases speed-to-market
  • Shrink your environmental footprint

See how we can help you increase the value of your packaging.

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Creating big smiles with substrate-neutral packaging

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Process Design and Workflow Automation

Gain end-of-the-line optimization, speed time-to-market, and efficiencies throughout the entire packaging process. We’ll analyze the financial impact of your materials, equipment, and labor and devise a solution that can streamline production, increase speed, throughput, and deliver cost savings.

Equipment Systems & Engineered Solutions

Our equipment experts engineer solutions specifically for your operation—from small enhancements on existing equipment to single function machines and fully automated systems. Comprehensive, world-class service and support, including training, technical service, preventive maintenance, and flexible financing is part of our approach.

Equipment offered:

  • Stretch wrapping systems
  • Shrink wrapping systems
  • Case packaging
  • Labeling, strapping and coding equipment


Experience world-class service and equipment. With Veritiv, you’ll get consistent responsiveness for repairs and preventive maintenance service to keep your packaging equipment performing at peak efficiency. Whether you need service for stretch wrappers, shrink wrapping, case packaging, labeling, bagging, strapping or coding—we’ll take care of it.

kitting, assembly and fulfillment

Manage seasonal spikes, promotions, new market testing, and other planned and unpredictable impacts to your business. We’ll show you how through our customized programs. And with our just-in-time inventory system, we can identify the supplies or box sizes you typically need to stock—and we’ll keep the rest in our warehouse for fast access.


Manage inventory, speed ordering, check prices, view and print invoices and much more. As one of the largest B2B commerce systems in the world, it can save you significant time and resources.

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Supply Chain Logistics

Shorten drive time, extend shelf life, avoid charge back fees, deliver on time, reduce transportation and warehousing costs, protect your brand, and much more.

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