Medical product developer

THE CHAllenge

A medical diagnostic product developer was experiencing a host of problems with their drug testing kits: leaks, damage, slow production time, pre-production assembly hassles, high costs and more. They needed help designing a solution that would keep their product and patients safe.


Veritiv addressed the company’s challenges by creating a smaller, stronger Indestructo carton. This carton was less expensive, could be used for multiple carton sizes, loaded into the outer carton quickly and eliminated the need to pre-erect the boxes. Since they no longer had to erect boxes by hand, the team was able to purchase two folding carton machines and speed up production.


Veritiv’s solution has delivered impressive savings and safety improvements. The new packaging better protects the product from spillage and damage while eliminating several material costs and production steps. This has led to over $300K in annual savings.


medical product developer


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