Cleaning is personal. And good for business.

Corporate cleaning is much more than wiping and sanitizing—it’s a competitive advantage. LEAN cleaning is an all-encompassing approach and goes beyond the cleanliness of a facility. It analyzes your sanitation, waste and safety processes.

Veritiv’s elite team of highly trained LEAN advisors and their knowledge of LEAN cleaning principles can help you achieve: 

Reduced operational cost, time, and effort
Productive and happy employees in a clean and safe environment
Services and products that offer real value
Exceptional productivity

When applying LEAN cleaning principles, companies have reported cutting costs by up to 40% and increasing productivity by up to 52%.*

*Using Lean Manufacturing to Reduce Costs and Improve Quality,

What’s more, LEAN cleaning can be applied to many industry verticals, including:



Veritiv’s exclusive LEAN event

When it comes to LEAN cleaning, one size does not fit all. Along with your LEAN Advisor, you’ll walk through every room of your business and assess cleaning systems and procedures. The result? Measurable, actionable product and service solutions.


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