Kitting & Assembly

Veritiv offers kitting, converting, and assembly services as a part of our one-stop custom packaging solution. Discover more:

Seize the opportunity

Is your brand enjoying rapid growth or expanding into new markets?
Are you facing a channel shift—going from retail to e-commerce?
Is growth putting a strain on labor, production, space, storage and equipment?

Our kitting and assembly programs are holistic. We look at the opportunity your business has and devise a plan to help you start quickly, adapt fluidly and operate smoothly.

Workflow and quality

Kitting and assembly programs are always unique. The right workflow, equipment and quality assurance measures are imperative for a successful program.  

  • Facility layout / workflow optimization
  • Equipment selection
  • Automation assessment / implementation
  • Product testing
  • Quality control and assurance
  • ISO 9001 facilities where needed
  • Warehouse raw materials and finished products
  • Receive, pick, and ship customer orders

Kitting and assembly services

Specific tasks within kitting and assembly programs are extensive—from storing and handling, to packaging and labeling.

  • Shrink wrap items, seal bags
  • Overwrap, clamshell, blister packs
  • Cold-chain, temperature-controlled packaging
  • Erect boxes, seal cases
  • Palletize, stretch wrap
  • Crate (wood or corrugated)
  • Construct point-of-purchase displays
  • Multipacks, variety packs, gift packs
  • Labeling, packaging and repackaging
  • Build-to-order
  • Sampling
  • Small parts assembly

The team

Kitting programs are complex. The variables have variables, and the details have details. Which is why we deploy a team of at least five Veritiv professionals to every kitting program:

  • Your Veritiv Sales Professional
  • Kitting Program Coordinator
  • Program Launch Coordinator
  • Operations Leader
  • Customer Service Professional

Other skilled packaging professionals will join your team as needed:

Connect with a Kitting Expert.