Fruiterie Milano


Fruiterie Milano is a fixture in the community. And when their loyal customers expressed concern over product overpackaging and packaging excess—Fruiterie Milano listened. They and Veritiv embarked on a quest to embrace newer and more eco-friendly product packaging.

Their goal? Zero waste, and increased customer satisfaction.

Veritiv solution

Veritiv swapped out their polystyrene foam trays (that were destined for a landfill) with certified compostable EarthCycle™ brand thermoformed pulp trays.

EarthCycle is made from wood fibers—using a proprietary process to create fully compostable, renewable and recyclable trays with outstanding shelf-life properties. It serves as a sustainable alternative for retailers to reduce their dependence on single-use plastics.


Our solution provided a perfect starting point for zero waste for Fruiterie Milano. And their customers noticed right away! They asked about the characteristics of the new trays, and their reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Currently, Fruiterie Milano uses eight different sizes of EarthCycle trays to pack fruits and veggies.



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