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With a wide selection of commercial cleaning products, backed by a team of expert facility advisors, Veritiv changes the way your business performs by changing the way you clean.

A facility can operate at its best only when it’s clean.

But effective corporate cleaning goes beyond wiping and sanitizing. That’s where we shine. Our trusted Certified LEAN Advisors work with you one-on-one to analyze and improve your existing processes, and design tailored programs that reduce waste, boost productivity, and produce sustainable results.

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Facility services and strategies

Backed by the expertise of our Certified LEAN Advisors, our facility services and strategies make our customers more competitive by improving productivity, sustainability and efficiency.


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Productivity Tools

Uncover cost savings and ensure you and your employees get the most out of your workday with Veritiv’s ROI calculator and workloading tool.

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Standardize products

Using the same commercial cleaning products across your portfolio increases your purchasing power, boosts employee efficiency and eliminates waste.

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Our Green Gauge™ sustainability tool works in parallel with your LEAN cleaning program, and analyzes your paper, can liner, chemical and skincare purchases and processes against LEED® v4.1 O+M standards.

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IoT Optimization

Leverage the Internet of Things to track product usage, predict needs, and make ordering more simple and secure with tools like smart restroom management systems and SmartSync™


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Reducing Waste with LEAN Cleaning

Veritiv Facility Solutions | June 24, 2020

More than ever before, employee health and safety are of the utmost importance. However, providing a safe and healthy workplace has also never been more complicated. What are the best ways to protect your people and stop the spread of illness, while maintaining productivity and a healthy bottom line? LEAN cleaning helps you strike the balance.

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More doughnuts, more dough

See how Veritiv applied LEAN cleaning to help deliver more dough (and doughnuts) for one food processing manufacturer.

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Facility Solutions Event, Orlando

Facility Solutions Event, Orlando

“They came in and took something that was in complete disarray and made it something that is much more efficient, organized and effective.”

APPA Drive-in, Kentucky

APPA Drive-in, Kentucky

“It’s hands-on information you’re going to use, from real people in the industry that have the same problems as you do.”

Vendorama, Phoenix

Vendorama, Phoenix

“What makes Veritiv different is the customer service they provide. You almost feel like you’re the only person that they’re dealing with.”


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