Credit Application

To establish terms with us, please return the completed credit application along with any additional documents. Credit applications must be signed by an authorized representative of your organization. The following is needed in order to establish terms with Veritiv Operating Company:


Client and Contact Information

Basic information about your company.

Bank and Trade References

Names and contact information of your primary suppliers and your bank. If you have a list of references, please include it with your completed application.

Tax Exemption Certificate(s)

If you are claiming tax exemption of state and local taxes, please include completed and signed copies of your certificate(s). Without proper documentation, we are not able to process your application.


Your application must be completed and signed by an authorized representative of your company.
Any modified or altered credit applications will not be accepted.


Download credit application


Completed credit applications can be submitted via email to:
or faxed to (866) 477-1249.

If you have any questions regarding establishing credit, please contact your Veritiv sales or customer service representative.