Coronavirus Supplier Update

March 20, 2020

Dear Valued Supplier:

Thank you for your support and rapid reaction to the unprecedented situation our country is facing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Veritiv Senior Executives are meeting on a daily basis to monitor the progress of business continuity and contingency plans that have been activated over the past several weeks.

Our top priority is the safety and security of our people. In particular, we remain committed to taking all reasonable precautions and measures to keep warehouse operations functioning in order to deliver critically needed facility supplies to our customers. We are currently managing supply and inventory allocations with a priority on healthcare, first responders, critical public services, and our existing customers.

We appreciate the actions that our key partners are taking to respond to this emergency. Production capacity is being added on critical items, overtime is being incurred, and logistics costs are increasing to expedite the delivery of products to critically needed areas. Veritiv is also experiencing many of these same stresses on our supply chain, and like many of our key suppliers, we have decided not to increase prices on desperately needed commodities. We expect all of our suppliers to do the same. As such, we will not accept any price increases on facility supplies products that are experiencing increased demand due to COVID-19.

To ensure that products are being delivered to high priority customers, many suppliers are seeking information about allocation priorities and also communicating directly with end-users. We share the desire to make sure product is being prioritized for critical customers. However, when information is shared directly with end users, it can create misinformation, confusion, and work against our joint priorities. Therefore, we ask that all information on the supply of critical products flow through your Category Management contact.

We remain committed to transparency where possible, and take seriously our role to get products where they are needed most. Thank you for your support in this critical time.

Salvatore A. Abbate
Chief Operating Officer