Brickstone wanted to introduce 6 and 12 multi-packs. However, they were limited on labor and space, so packaging needed to be efficient for their new line. The catch? No hot glue. Brickstone wasn’t interested in the mess, equipment, manpower and space needed to glue boxes.


Veritiv Solution

Veritiv created an innovative, no-glue package that consisted of a folding tab lockbox for quick assembly.

By adding packs to their product line, Brickstone could distribute a number of different types of beers (multi-beer pack) all at once and cut down on costs by 20% when factoring in production.

This project opened an unexpected door for Veritiv and Brickstone. The janitor closet. Breweries need to follow CIP (cleaning-in-place) processes. Working with our chemical supplier, Ecolab, we provided Brickstone sanitation tank cleaning chemicals. This gives Brickstone one point of contact for their needs inside and outside of the tank. Or outside of the box.


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