What's new in food packaging: on-demand webinar

What's new in food packaging: on-demand webinar

Veritiv Packaging | September 9, 2020

Food packaging is a vibrant industry with dozens of innovations emerging on the scene each year. But 2020 will likely be the year food packaging professionals look back on—remembering COVID-19’s full impact, and how it transformed the industry for years to come.

In a recent webinar, How to pivot in an ever-changing food packaging environment, John Ohlson, President of Ohlson Packaging (a Duravant company), joined Veritiv’s Director of Food Solutions Jim Wynne and Veritiv’s Marketing Manager Alex Konecky. 

The 45-minute presentation featured industry perspectives, trends and opportunities, including how to shift production from foodservice to grocery stores, how automation can help protect workers on the packaging line, and what you should know about packaging food for e-commerce.

Here are highlights from the webinar, and we encourage you to view the full, informative program.

Food packaging trends: past, current and future

  • One of the biggest shifts in food packaging is convenience. Food companies from all sectors are bringing new pre-packaged meal offerings to the market to keep up with increased demand for convenient options.
  • Another form of convenience from consumers has been ordering groceries online. In 2018, only 25% of consumers ordered groceries online, and it was forecasted to increase to 70% by 2024. To put this in perspective, 16 million consumers purchased groceries online in August 2019. In June 2020 and partially due to the pandemic, the numbers increased to 45.5 million households turning to online grocery pickup and delivery services.
  • The foodservice industry will continue to face significant challenges, such as requirements for a minimum distance between patrons which can cause operating constraints.
  • Delivery demands will continue to grow, and business-savvy restaurants will become mini-grocers selling related food items.
  • Packaging design continues to be an important differentiator for products and enhances the consumer experience—no matter if the products are purchased in a store or online.

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Pandemic packaging trends

The COVID-19 pandemic is fueling many packaging trends, and here are several that Ohlson/Duravant noted:

  • With restaurants having to reinvent themselves, there’s been a switch from commercial to retail packaging for their patrons.
  • Panic-buying is causing an increased demand for nutraceuticals, dried goods and shelf-stable and bagged food products.
  • Continued uncertainty with schools and school lunches is responsible for more pre-packaged food options instead of cooking onsite.

Food manufacturers’ adherence to social distancing guidelines in packaging rooms means a more significant investment in automation to reduce labor and keep people stationed apart from one another.


How to pivot in an ever-changing food packaging environment, is now available! Get the full scoop on what’s new in food packaging and listen to our on-demand webinar.