Tips to help you cut packaging costs

Tips to help you cut packaging costs

Veritiv Corporation | March 11, 2021

If your business relies on packaging, whether to fulfill e-commerce shipments or for other purposes, keeping a ready supply of boxes is critical.

When you consider the amount of money you regularly spend on packaging, it makes good business sense to make sure you’re getting a fair price and good value—packaging that’s compatible with your equipment and fits and protects your products.

You might be wondering if it’s time to try to find a better deal on packaging. Before you start researching cheaper options, look at packaging’s big picture, thinking beyond the box to make a fully informed decision.

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To help you evaluate the savings opportunity from all angles, here are several expert tips.

Consolidate SKUs and standardize packaging
Whether we’re talking about in-store or online shopping, brands must compete like never before. Consumers are demanding more convenience options, more premium products and more customization—and brands are delivering.

One result of the explosion of product options? More packaging SKUs, which can lead to higher carrying costs.

Reduce waste in packaging processes
Waste can hide in unexpected places in a packaging operation, and it takes many forms. It might be as easy to spot as a worker using extra stretch film on a pallet. Or it might be as complicated as an inefficient workflow.

Waste types to keep an eye out for include defects (when employees use shortcuts that cause damage to packaging or products), space (people working in cluttered, cramped or disorganized spaces) and effort and labor (overly complex processes that add unneeded complexity).

Automate manual processes with packaging equipment
Automating processes saves time and increases throughput. Obvious savings, right? But there are other automation cost-savers to keep in mind, too.

For example, automated stretch wrappers apply the optimal containment force to your loads, ensuring they’re secured to avoid breakage, damage and loss. And case sealers apply just the right amount of tape or adhesive every time, eliminating guesswork that can lead to waste.


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