That's a wrap!

That's a wrap!

Print and Paper | December 9, 2019

‘Tis the season of… paper! During the holidays, everyone loves to receive and open gifts covered in pretty and patterned gift wrap—but after the festivities are over, what can do you with the leftover paper?

Of course you should recycle the leftover paper, but before you do, why not get crafty? Believe it or not, gift wrap is ideal for many craft projects. Here are some clever and surprising craft ideas:

  • Wrap it. (Again). Wrap ordinary boxes in gift wrap and use them as storage and home décor.
  • Shred it. Confetti, anyone? Use a paper shredder to make festive and fun confetti for your next party. Shredded paper also makes for more festive packing for those future gift boxes you need to ship.
  • Frame it. Fill up empty wall spaces with framed gift wrap. Note that this craft is reserved for the thicker, more expensive paper (cheaper and thinner gift wrap may not work for this purpose).
  • Line it. Do you have an older piece of furniture, bookcase, or drawer that needs refreshed? Give it life by lining it with gift wrap.
  • Cover it. Whether it’s coffee table books or college textbooks, covering your books with gift wrap paper protects them and adds some fun personality.

Don’t let your leftover gift wrap paper go to waste! Even the smallest bits can be re-purposed into something beautiful and useful.

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