Take note: a handwritten card delivers

Take note: a handwritten card delivers

Print and Paper | November 14, 2019

When’s the last time you received a handwritten note, or better yet, wrote one yourself? Handwritten notes on printed cards seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but this just makes them more special to give and receive!

This is especially true in the business world. In fact, handwritten notes on printed cards can be a powerful marketing tool. If you customize them with your own commentary, they help you develop stronger customer relationships and perhaps even gain lifelong loyalty. And as a bonus, your sales may benefit too.


Let’s dive into some of the reasons why handwritten notes are so effective.

  • Promotes positivity printed cards will likely give your customer warm and fuzzy feelings. And these feelings will soon be associated with your business. This could lead to more business, more often. And, there’s always the potential for word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Confirms the value of their business – handwritten notes take time to create and can’t quickly be typed and sent via email. It shows that you invested time and effort in the customer, and it can strengthen your relationship.
  • Sets you apart – how many other handwritten notes are your customers receiving in the mail? Probably not many. Stand out from the pack with a classy note.
  • Creates an element of surprise – your customers aren’t standing by their literal mailbox waiting on a handwritten piece of mail. Handwritten notes will surprise and delight them!

What's more, when you pair your personalized note with a card you designed and/or printed, it makes an even bigger impression as it shows off your talent and skill. You don’t need a hard and fast reason to send a handwritten note. Almost any occasion will do. So write one to a lucky customer today!

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