Spring cleaning the office

Spring cleaning the office

Veritiv Corporation | April 12, 2019


When you think of spring cleaning, what comes to mind: dust bunnies, scrubbing baseboards, Marie Kondo? Every spring, when the sunshine resurfaces and the trees begin to bud, you give your house a good once over. This year, show the same TLC to your home away from home.

The following will help revitalize your office and make sure you get the most out of an annual spring cleaning.

Filthy floors
Carpets and floors take a serious beating in winter. When employees and customers enter your facility, they likely stomp and wipe their feet to remove snow, rain, salt, mud and dirt. This debris piles up in your carpets and floors. Layer after grimy layer. For carpets, go with a commercial carpet cleaner to extract the debris and achieve that next level, deep clean. To rid your hard surface floors of winter wear and tear, opt for stripping and waxing. And, don’t forget about the baseboards.

Let there be light
Winter weather is tough on exterior surfaces—especially your windows. Dirty windows caked with film and dirt can block natural light from coming in. Use a glass cleaner to address both the interior and exterior of your windows. It'll brighten up every room, which, in turn, will brighten up everyone's mood.

Wash the washroom
When spring cleaning your restroom, think big picture. Along with the everyday cleaning duties, pay special attention to the restroom walls, floors, surfaces, fixtures and doors. Additionally, scrub and sanitize all tile and grout. And when’s the last time you climbed a ladder to check on your overhead fixtures, lights and sprinklers?  Look up, down and all around.

The dirt is in the details
Window ledges. Overhead fans. Air registers. Most commonly in winter, dust bunnies can take over your facility. Now’s the ideal time to serve these unwanted tenants an eviction notice. Improve your air quality and your facility’s overall appearance by dusting hidden nooks, crannies, and other problem areas.

About Reliable Brand
For your commercial cleaning needs this spring, and all year round, look to Reliable Brand®. From scrubbing and sealing, to dusting and sanitizing, this simple and straightforward product line offers a comprehensive solution for all areas of your facility.