The right paper for the job

The right paper for the job

Veritiv Print and Paper | March 25, 2020

Paper is the offline, old school version of a social media influencer – used for centuries to communicate and persuade. It speaks volumes about your business to customers and prospects alike, so it’s important to choose the right type of paper that best matches your message and objective.

Coated paper
Need to make a big visual impression? Go with coated paper. It makes images pop and offers brighter and sharper printing clarity along with a clean, professional appearance. An added bonus: coated paper allows for a variety of printing techniques which increases the perceived value of your business’ message.

Uncoated paper
Choose uncoated paper for a more formal message. It’s ideal for readability, and images come across softer and warmer. Legal documents are often printed on uncoated paper giving it authority, distinction and authenticity.

Colored paper
Colored papers command immediate attention from your customers and prospects. To boost your message’s readability and text retention, choose a lighter colored paper. With colored paper, there’s no need for full color printing.

Index and tag paper
Do you have a direct mail project in the works? Go with index paper for your business reply cards. It’s high bulk and low weight and offers a smooth finish. Tag paper is also a heavy utility paper that’s best suited for price tags and the like. Both index and tag paper are heavier stocks which gives your message more weight and substance.

Want to know more about paper? Contact your Veritiv® sales professional for more information. Our warehouses are stocked and ready to deliver the paper you need.