Reclaim your childhood creativity

Reclaim your childhood creativity

Veritiv Print and Paper | June 11, 2019

Did you know that 95% of second graders believe they’re creative, yet only 5% of high school grads believe the same?* As kids, school and homework force us to use logic and facts, so our brainpower lingers longer in reality. But by adulthood, we’ve acquired the fear of being wrong and know its negative consequences so we tend to use our memory and inhibition skills, not our imagination, to problem solve. These perfection tendencies can lead us away from fresh, creative thinking.

So how do we get back to it and boost our imagination? Here are a few ways to jumpstart your creativity.

Imaginative thinking can be sparked by external pressure. Seek out environments or experiences that are unfamiliar to you. Unknown territory forces your perceptual system out of categorization and into creative thinking. Quite simply, make your brain take a shortcut.

Walk to create! Movement, specifically walking, can activate creativity. When we walk, our imaginative, free-flowing thoughts increase exponentially. Creativity levels were consistently higher for walkers when compared to their idle counterparts. No matter if you’re indoors or outdoors.

Step away from your desk—daydream, take a walk. Just break free from the task at hand. When people are relaxed, they are more likely to have a big “a-ha” moment. The answer appears when you’re not looking for it.

Are you creative? Prove it! Your blank canvas awaits.

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* “Are We Wringing the Creativity Out of Kids?” Mindshift. May, 2012.