Pushing the envelope: how to make your mail stand out

Pushing the envelope: how to make your mail stand out

Veritiv Print and Paper | July 15, 2019

Do crowded inboxes make you cranky? It could be time to step away from your computer, tablet or smartphone, and take a short walk out to your mailbox.

Physical mail is making a comeback, although it never really left in the first place. The tactile experience that physical mail provides never goes out of style. However, just like its email counterpart, it needs to be distinct and attract attention in its own unique way. Here are a few tips and strategies to make your physical mail and envelopes get noticed.

  • Get personal – People are more likely to open mail that is personalized and custom geared towards their likes and interests. The power of marketing makes this possible!
  • Throw in some color – Use four-color printing for envelopes to pique interest. Whether that be a colorful logo and imagery, or an action-oriented, bright piece of text telling the recipient why they need to open. Printing full color on already converted envelopes is now possible with full bleeds thanks to inkjet technology like the iJetColor Press. This is a fast and cost-effective solution for printing and addressing envelopes.
  • Use a unique size or shape – Make your mail piece oversized or in an unexpected shape so it doesn’t get tossed away or lost in a pile. Custom pieces tend to create a sense of intrigue about what’s inside. When mailing oversized pieces, keep in mind that they need to meet specific standards for both size and thickness. Large mail pieces will be charged at the regular First-Class Mail letter rate. The thickness must be at least 0.007 thick and less than 0.0095 thick.
  • Get creative with materials – Use tear-proof, waterproof or stain-resistant materials to add tactile interest to your mailing. You can also utilize a variety of laminates, coatings or specialty finishing techniques to take your mailing to the next level.
  • Hand address – Add a personal touch to your envelopes with a handwritten note. People are less likely to dismiss something done by hand. This can be labor-intensive, so reserve this strategy for smaller runs. 
  • Use a window envelope – Give your recipients a sneak peek into your mailing—especially if the inside is exceptionally beautiful or unique-looking.

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