Productivity and the 8-hour workday

Productivity and the 8-hour workday

Veritiv Facility Solutions | January 30, 2020

How can I be more productive at work?” continues to be a hot question for today’s workers. No matter your industry or role, everyone is looking for new ways to power through the day. And it’s no wonder—on an average eight-hour workday, more than two hours are lost to non-value added activities. These include:

  • 20 minutes preparing to start work
  • 15 minutes looking for tools and supplies
  • 30 minutes retracing steps
  • 15 minutes lost due to complexity of work
  • 25 minutes lost to rework loops
  • 20 minutes winding down and putting things away

This means that less than six hours are spent on value-added activities! That’s 26% of time and money lost to inefficiencies.

LEAN boosts productivity
Stemming from the 5S methodology, LEAN eliminates non value-added activities and gives time back to the activities that add value—enabling employees to do more with what they already have. It saves money while improving productivity, morale and quality of work.


Ready to take back your workday? You’d be hard pressed to find a place, function or operation that wouldn’t benefit from LEAN. Take this one-minute LEAN Walk quiz to learn more.