How to right size your can liner

How to right size your can liner

Veritiv Facility Solutions | August 29, 2019

Need help taking the trash out? Selecting the right can liners for your facility can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. However, any ol’ bag won’t do. Get to know these bag basics and choose your liners wisely! 

1. Determine the proper resin type for your application

  • LLDPE – recommended for sharper objects and will stand up to heavier, irregular waste
  • HDPE – recommended for paper and non-sharp objects with light to moderate transport needs

2. Determine how much weight your can liner needs to hold

  • Choose lower gauges for lighter loads like paper
  • Choose higher gauges for heavier or abnormal loads

3. Match the liner to your container

  • Determine bag length – add the height of the container plus 4-5 inches of overhang
  • Determine bag width – divide the circumference of your container by 2
  • Tips for calculating circumference:
    Square container = sum of 4 sides
    Round container = diameter x 3.14

The right size can liner can LEAN your facility—reducing product waste with less plastic in the landfill, reducing labor waste by consolidating the type of receptacle and bag, and reduce spend on overall can liner purchases.

About Reliable Brand Can Liners
Reliable Brand® offers a straightforward approach to can liners by only offering the most common sizes, making it easy to match the liner to the receptacle and the type of waste.

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