Have a 2020 resolution? Write it down.

Have a 2020 resolution? Write it down.

Print and Paper | January 23, 2020

Did you know that 40-45% of Americans set a New Year’s resolution?* However, even with the best intentions, many don’t follow through. The reason for this lack of success varies, but one thing’s for sure: those who write their resolution on paper are more likely to accomplish it. And, they do it quicker and in a more direct way.

Here are some reasons why committing your resolution to paper provides the best chance for success.

When you write down your resolution, you can see if it’s specific enough or if it needs to be more defined. It’s hard to stay focused on true results if your resolution is fuzzy.

Pen and paper are powerful tools. When your goals are in front of you on a piece of paper, there’s no denying them. This makes it harder to talk yourself out of them and gives you zero excuses for failure.

Seeing your resolution in writing makes it easier to review on an ongoing basis, which helps to ensure you’re headed in the right direction. Pro tip: make sure your resolution stays visible and place the piece of paper on your desk or wall as a constant reminder.

Reduces stress
Since written goals are clearer and easier to pin down versus just imagining them, your overall stress levels decrease. Don’t keep yourself guessing as to what your goals should be—this only complicates the process.

A written resolution demands hard and fast results. Since you can see the results you should be aiming for, it’s difficult for you to confuse them. You end up making less excuses and set yourself up for actual progress.


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