Go ahead... judge a product by its label

Go ahead... judge a product by its label

Veritiv Print and Paper | April 12, 2019

Time is a precious commodity, and many consumers don’t have a lot of it to make a well-thought out decision about a product. Did you know that most in-store purchase decisions are made at the point of sale? This is where the power of the product label comes into play. Many consumers judge a product solely by its label—choosing the brightest or most familiar, and then quickly move on to the next item on their to-do list.

This is a real make or break it moment for your brand. A nice-looking label makes a statement for your brand and builds a trustworthy identity. To step up your shelf appeal and stand out from the competition, make sure your promotional labels check the following boxes:

  • High print quality. Use quality paper to create your label—no matter if its gloss, matte or a litho finish
  • Readability. Name of product, logo or tagline—all in legible, clear text
  • White space. Leave plenty of space in between information so consumers can easily read details
  • Engaging illustrations. Speak in visuals and use coordinating color combinations and attractive designs
  • Originality. Make it memorable and unique to your brand—no copycat labels!

You’ll find plenty of retail labels around products too. These specialty, point-of-sale labels include sturdy shelf talkers, durable cooler clip labels, and easy-to-apply/remove window and door stickers.

Our private brand family: Showcase
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