Five reasons to go touchless in your facility

Five reasons to go touchless in your facility

Veritiv Facility Solutions | May 3, 2021

Touchless or touch-free restrooms have been around for years. But with the COVID-19 pandemic fueling increased demand for touchless solutions, more high-traffic organizations, including government offices and educational institutions, are moving swiftly to fully touchless restrooms.

No surprise—consumers prefer touchless, too. Studies show that now more than ever, people are more cautious about using public areas when away from the safety of their homes. They notice and value the hygienic and convenient aspects of facilities that help them avoid or minimize touching surfaces.

Survey says: Concerns about germs are at a high level
According to a recent Kimberly-Clark* study that asked people about their germ concerns and how facilities can address them, it found that:

  • 75% of people said away-from-home environments (large office buildings, high-traffic locations, educational institutions, etc.) are perceived to be at a high or moderate risk for germs.
  • Approximately one in three people said the level of cleanliness and hygiene they experienced at away-from-home environments fell below their expectations. High-traffic facilities performed the worst versus their expectations.
  • When participants’ 2020 responses were compared to a similar survey in 2010, the number of these “high-concern” consumers represented 50% of people surveyed, while that population was just 32% in 2010.

Bring touchless to your facility
If you’re new to the benefits of touchless or could use a refresher, here’s why touch-free wins high marks from facility managers and their employees and guests.

1. Hands-free solutions work double-time. While the benefits might seem obvious, automatic dispensers, sinks, towel and tissue dispensers and toilets yield two benefits. First, they reduce cross-contamination, waste and refill maintenance. Second, your restroom visitors prefer the convenience of touchless fixtures and hygienic environments.

2. Conserve energy and resources. Touchless fixtures effectively automate repetitive processes and take the guesswork out of how much product to use. By going touchless, high-traffic locations can conserve energy and organizational resources, yielding savings that benefit your bottom line.

3. Ease public restroom fears. Living up to new hygiene standards is today’s call to action for those who manage high-traffic facilities. Thankfully, touchless solutions make it easier for you to support the new standards. With a nearly endless array of equipment and products to choose from, you can minimize touchpoints, cross-contamination areas and surface-hugging germs.

4. Touchless technology continues to innovate. Would you be surprised to know that, due to the pandemic, there are even more touch-free solutions available than in years past? The market is exploding, so you’ll find a variety of budget-friendly and innovative products designed to meet your needs.

5. COVID-relief funding is available. Chances are, you have a good supply of consumables on hand for your restrooms. (If not, we’re here for you.) Government funding can be used for touchless equipment, too, so why not take advantage of it?

Ready to bring touchless features to your workplace?
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*Source: Kimberly-Clark Professional; Dec. 2020 survey