Cleaning Innovation in a 7,000 year old industry

Cleaning Innovation in a 7,000 year old industry

Veritiv Corporation | July 18, 2016

Did you know? The cleaning trade has been around for over 7,000 years –so, right about the time that the wheel was invented, cleaning emerged as an essential component of healthy living.

Certainly, a lot has happened in society since 5,000 BC, but many of the most impressive advancements in facilities management has happened in the past decades. No matter the size, age, industry or location of your building, no property manager can argue these three shared goals of building operation and maintenance:

  1. Keep facilities clean to maintain a healthy, positive environment
  2. Complete cleaning and maintenance tasks more efficiently to save time and reduce labor expenses, and
  3. Make process and product upgrades to decrease energy, waste and costs.

A focus on new, innovative ideas – even in an industry that predates the wheel – can ensure that your building is constantly performing at its best, while saving time, money and waste.

At Veritiv, our Facility Solutions Advisor team keeps a close eye on new innovations and ideas that help shape our customers’ success. Here are three trends we’ve identified:

  1. Products that take care of crews. From backpack vacuums and lightweight mops that reduce the physical toll on the body, to chemical dispensing systems that automatically dispense the right level of chemicals, to Green SealTM-certified “green” chemicals, products that keep the crew healthy result in cleaner spaces, less rework and better health for .
  2. Products that consider the holistic process. Treating the problem, not the symptom. By analyzing individual changes, facility teams can hone in on small enhancements that make a big difference. A great example of this is a Veritiv Lean event, based on Lean Six Sigma principles, where we determine changes that result in a seamless operation that makes the most of your time and money.
  3. Products and programs that address safety and sustainability. Health and safety is an expectation, not an option, and a host of products and programs are available to ensure a healthy, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly facility.

We may not know what the next generation of cleaning looks like, but one thing is certain: change is the new normal, and those who embrace the “old” way of doing things will be left behind, while those who embrace the evolution and develop creative solutions to complex problems will be the ones to create the future. Even in a 7,000 year old trade.

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