Clean facilities: a win for everyone

Clean facilities: a win for everyone

Veritiv Facility Solutions | December 1, 2020

A clean facility. It’s a relatively simple concept. If a workplace looks and smells good, we recognize and appreciate it.

But for those who are in facility management, a clean facility means much more.

A clean environment benefits your customers and guests, employees and your organization’s bottom line. Research from ISSA1, a worldwide cleaning industry association, bears this out: Clean facilities are not just a cost. They generate revenue.

Customers notice a clean facility, especially these days
Your customers and visitors may not realize this, but their purchasing decisions and brand experiences are shaped by how they perceive your facility. In fact, shoppers in the retail and food industries rank cleanliness as the top influencer of where they decide to shop and how satisfied they are with their experience.

ISSA’s research found that:

  • Six in 10 fast-food customers agree that if the restaurant is clean, they will go there more often.
  • Sixty percent of people said a retail store’s environment encouraged them to buy more.
  • Ninety-four percent of people would avoid a business in the future if they visited a dirty restroom.

Healthy employees are more productive, safer
Clean workplaces can help reduce the massive losses incurred when employees are sick. Simple cold and flu symptoms—itchy eyes, dry throat, lethargy and headaches—cause employees to perform 3–8% worse than normal. Even exposure to dust can trigger allergies and hay fever symptoms that affect workers’ cognitive skills (e.g., typing, logical reasoning, memory and creative thinking) by 2–6%.

Considered individually, these impacts may seem small. Added together, they impact the bottom line.

Strategic cleaning approach pays off
Have you explored the value of LEAN cleaning—using time-honored LEAN principles to minimize waste and improve your cleaning practices?

With LEAN principles, some companies have cut their overall costs by up to 40% and increased productivity by more than 52%.2 And according to a study of 400 managers and employees, clean offices yielded a 5% productivity increase that translated into an additional $125,000 a year in revenue.3

Cleanliness at work guide
Ready to learn more about the triple benefits of a clean workplace? Read Veritiv’s “Cleanliness at work” guide. It explores the value of a clean workplace, offering best practices to keep your people healthy and productive, and minimize the spread of germs. Request your copy today.


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