Celebrate Earth Day all year long

Celebrate Earth Day all year long

Veritiv Packaging | April 21, 2022

Earth Day 2022 will be here soon. This year’s theme, “Invest In Our Planet,” focuses on accelerating solutions to combat the Earth’s greatest threat, climate change. Earth Day organizers encourage governments, citizens and businesses to do their part with its “Everyone accounted for and everyone accountable” tagline.

Celebrating Earth Day each April is one way you can bring earth-friendly messaging into your workplace. But when you focus on practices that extend beyond Earth Day, you send a message to employees, customers and partners that shows a powerful, ongoing commitment.

Review packaging purchases
Buying sustainable products is a significant first step in this journey. Start by evaluating every type of packaging your business uses or hopes to purchase, including product packaging if you manufacture goods.

Is the packaging you rely on recyclable or compostable? Does it require too much effort for your employees or customers to dispose of, ending up in the regular trash bin?

Today, there’s a plethora of product packaging that is reusable, easy-to-recycle or made from renewable materials.

If the packaging you buy ends up in customers’ hands, consider your purchasing decisions' logistical impact. You can free up warehouse space with packaging designed to minimize waste and is also more efficient to ship.

Another way to lighten the logistical load is to connect with local packaging suppliers, where the distance packaging takes to get to your business is minimized.

Rely on sustainable cleaning products and practices
If you’re responsible for a team charged with cleaning your facility, consider a cleaning program that adopts sustainable products and practices.

Being mindful of the chemicals and other products you use and how your facility gets cleaned can reduce waste, increase efficiencies, create healthier indoor environments and boost your business’ ROI.

Earth Day resources
If you’re ready to celebrate Earth Day 2022 or want to incorporate its themes into everyday workplace practices, explore EARTHDAY.ORG’s resources that include:


Protect your people, products and planet
Veritiv collaborates with our customers and suppliers to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions. Our mission is to create healthier, safer and more sustainable communities through our responsible operations and the expertise of our diverse team. Watch our video here.