Bubble Wrap®… outside of the box?

Bubble Wrap®… outside of the box?

Veritiv Packaging | April 12, 2019

Bubble Wrap® is an incredible packaging product—versatile and protective, it’s perfect for blocking and bracing, interleaving or as a low-cost void fill.

But when you take it out of the box, it’s just as magical. Who doesn’t love popping those bubbles? Looking beyond entertainment and stress relief, Bubble Wrap® has some surprising real-world uses.

  • Instant insulation – Put Bubble Wrap® on your window using water for insulation. And don’t forget about man’s best friend—you can also insulate your dog’s outdoor house with it.
  • Twister, with a  pop! – add a layer of Bubble Wrap® to this classic game to give it some extra pop.
  • Camping comfort – before you set up your tent, put down Bubble Wrap® to protect you from the ground’s moisture. Bonus! It also doubles as an air mattress.
  • Flower power – give more life to your flowers with Bubble Wrap®. Simply poke the stem through Bubble Wrap® and trim to size. It will keep the flower above water for a long-lasting, pretty effect.
  • Scratch-free – moving? Wrap sharp corners of tables and desks in Bubble Wrap® to protect your walls from unsightly scratches, dents and marks. Winter windshields – no more scraping frost-ridden windshields in the morning. Cover them with Bubble Wrap® the night before to reduce frost. And if it snowed overnight, just pull it off and the snow will come with it.
  • Get artsy – instead of sponges, use Bubble Wrap® to add texture to paintings. Simply dip the Bubble Wrap® in your favorite color of paint and get to work.

Bubble Wrap® is one of the most useful products out there. Give these creative tips and tricks a try!

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