The benefits of SBS paperboard packaging

The benefits of SBS paperboard packaging

Veritiv Print and Paper | August 19, 2019

In today’s packaging world, the choice of materials can be overwhelming. While plastic packaging has proven to be a very efficient packaging material, especially when it comes to keeping food fresh, Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) paperboard is a more versatile and environmentally friendly option.

What is SBS paperboard?
SBS paperboard made from mostly hardwood, chemically pulped fibers that are bleached and refined. Here are some benefits of using SBS paperboard as your go-to packaging material:

• Accommodates quality imaging by offset or flexography, also suitable for film and metalized foil lamination
• Ideal for embossing, gluing and high-speed filling
• Cuts cleanly and has sufficient strength properties for high-speed printing 
• Offers excellent compression strength
• A top choice for quality graphics in personal care packaging, cosmetics, medical and more

Our private brand family: Nordic+ Select
Nordic+ Select is a versatile coated, SBS that delivers exceptional printability with a balanced white shade. It’s suitable for a variety of applications such as brochures, postcards, direct mail, retail packaging and more.

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