Amazon’s shopping blitz

Amazon’s shopping blitz

Veritiv Packaging | October 14, 2020

Millions of online shoppers look forward to Amazon Prime Day. Members get a chance to go online, shop and save on more than one million deals across every category—from arts, crafts and sewing, to grocery items and women's shoes.

Prime Day history

Though this event might seem ubiquitous, Prime Day has only been around since 2015. That’s the year Amazon turned 20. On the eve of its July 15 birthday, the company introduced Prime Day, a global shopping event that it hoped would surpass Black Friday. According to The History of Prime Day, Amazon recalls the following about its first event:

  • Customers bought more items than on Black Friday 2014, its biggest Black Friday ever at the time.
  • Online shoppers ordered more than 34 million items across the U.S. and the eight other Prime-eligible countries, with 398 items ordered per second.
  • Customers ordered hundreds of thousands of Amazon devices—making it the largest device sales day ever, worldwide.
  • Amazon sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon enjoyed their biggest day ever, with record-breaking unit sales growing nearly 300% worldwide.

Amazon says this year’s event is focused on supporting its small-business sellers, in recognition of 2020 being an incredibly tough time due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Testing solutions for Amazon shippers

Veritiv is proud to play a role in Prime Day and every Amazon shopping day, with boxes and packaging that meet Amazon’s specific shipment requirements and delight consumers. As an Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS) Network member, Veritiv helps online sellers test and quickly re-design packaging, with our full range of Amazon Frustration-Free solutions.

Our program includes three levels of certification, where we can test and certify your packaging. Veritiv's ISTA-certified testing labs put products through the rigors of the supply chain to make sure they arrive intact at their final destination. We also have a team of designers that can design new packaging if a package fails one of the tests.

Packaging products for Amazon sellers

Veritiv offers a wide variety of packaging solutions for Amazon e-sellers, including bags and numerous corrugated options, such as:

  • Standard-sized boxes with varying basis weights, flutes, plies and slits
  • Specialty die-cut solutions that can be customized for your unique application
  • Pads, sheets and partitions that divide and protect your products
  • Retention and suspension packaging that blocks and braces

For more information about our Amazon-seller services, read Frustration-Free: The Way to Be.