5 ways print is thriving in the digital age

5 ways print is thriving in the digital age

Veritiv Print and Paper | April 12, 2019


The world may seem like it revolves around the digital landscape, but make no mistake—print is not only surviving, it is thriving. As the initial explosion of digital dwindles, many are seeking a safe haven in print again. Here are five reasons why:

  1. It engages the senses. Can you feel it? Print is a curious medium, and entices you to pick it up and read. And, it’s personal. The tactility of print strengthens the personal connection between you and the envelope, magazine, book, handwritten note or other. What’s more, print has a longer shelf life when compared to digital. It’s sustainable—staying top of mind, and on top of your desk, bookcase, or countertop.
  2. It’s easy to read. No crazy bright digital screens here! Print is easy on the eyes—offering a better contrast of ink and paper. It engages us with captivating text, complementary colors and rich illustrations. And, there’s no endless scrolling or pop-ups to deal with. With print, readers don’t have to worry about moving their finger or mouse AND reading text at the same time. Their only job is to turn the page—no multitasking required.
  3. It’s credible. As one of the original forms of media, print embodies legitimacy. It’s dependable and reliable, and for years people have made purchasing decisions based on printed pieces such as direct mail, fliers, magazine and newspaper ads. It’s innate for us to trust systems that have been accepted and perfected over time. When compared to digital, we hold print to a higher standard and trust it more. That’s why print, along with digital, is a must-have in the marketing toolbox.
  4. It enhances brand value. Print exhibits a unique and textured aesthetic into its communication—offering a wide range of creativity and quality in its design through ink and paper, and establishing brand identity with readers. In short, print ads get you noticed. They present an opportunity to break pattern and use text and imagery that stand out from the magazine’s template.
  5. It plays well with digital. Rather than bury print, digital marketing has breathed new life into it. Together, this pair makes the most powerful marketing combination. For example: promote your marketing website via a direct mail piece, publish a series of social media posts to advertise your printed magazine, or provide a how-to booklet that calls attention to your e-commerce website. The key is to use one medium to play off the other.

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