5 challenges that present uncertainty & opportunity

5 challenges that present uncertainty & opportunity

Veritiv Packaging | April 25, 2022

Rapid change and deep-seated fulfillment challenges create uncertainty, but they also reveal opportunities. If these market waves are impacting your business, team up with Veritiv to implement the right solutions so you can ride those waves to success.

  1. Supply chain volatility & delays
    Supply chain disruptions are causing unprecedented delays. With Veritiv, you gain access to an established, global network of suppliers, which creates a built-in contingency plan that enables your company to pivot, continue delivering and circumvent interruptions.
  2. Changes in consumer behavior & distribution channels
    Buying behaviors, marketplace requirements and distribution methods have changed, requiring businesses like yours to shift how, where and to whom you sell. Our packaging experts can advise, supply and equip you for success, including helping your team adapt to penetrate new markets and sell through new channels.
  3. Rising expectations for speed & quality
    As customers expect even higher quality and faster delivery, your business must maximize efficiency wherever possible. Veritiv helps you speed up to keep up. We can help you reduce delays, minimize waste, improve health and productivity, automate the packaging process, and offload inventory management so you can focus fully on fulfillment.
  4. Customer concerns for safety, security & sustainability
    Your relationship with Veritiv provides everything needed to address the qualities customers care about most, such as safety, security and sustainability. Count on our team for packaging that prevents contamination, tampering and damage; global sourcing for access to innovative, effective materials; and design that communicates your attention to detail.
  5. Delivering delightful experiences
    Product packaging must secure its contents and contribute to a positive customer experience. Veritiv works with you to create exceptional unboxing experiences that maximize customer satisfaction and reduce returns. Even when returns are necessary, we simplify the process—all while helping you comply with marketplace requirements.


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