Bakery & snack food distribution company


The company’s previous bag and film supplier had recently entered into an agreement with its largest competitor to supply them with a 33% compostable, renewable product. To rise to the challenge, the company’s new packaging also had to be 33% compostable and machinable.

Veritiv solution

Veritiv provided the company with a nine-color process print bag made from 100% natural starch products. The inks used to print the bag were all soy-based. Automatic sealing equipment was also provided for the bags.


Without any warehouse or delivery cost increases, the new design helped the company grow its current customer base and attract new ones. It was a sustainable, stand-up design with automatic sealing. Financial benefits included a reduction in labor costs by $500K, and an increase in gross profits by $80K.


bakery and snack food distribution company



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