Automotive Parts Manufacturer



When a leading tiered automotive parts manufacturer learned their customer was moving their production facility, they teamed up with Veritiv for a new packaging solution for their new supply chain conditions.

Because of the greater distance, there was an increased potential for damage. And, an increase in the number of lost returnable packs due to the new supply chain and production flow.

Veritiv solution

Veritiv collaborated with the manufacturer to create new returnable packaging that allowed for one additional unit per pack—optimizing material handling and logistics while improving product protection.

Additionally, Veritiv created fold-flat, expendable packaging that provided flexibility and allowed the manufacturer to quickly respond to returnable packaging loss or reverse logistical delays. The new expendable packaging also led to better protection.


Veritiv developed a cost-effective solution that contributed to the manufacturer’s ability to protect products and adapt to changing supply chain conditions. Results included product protection, material handling and logistics efficiencies, and increased supply chain flexibility.




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