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  1. Get more than a supplier.
    Get a creative packaging partner.

    Your business wasn’t built to be boxed in: that’s why we deliver packaging solutions that can grow with you. Our team includes designers, engineers, materials experts, and equipment specialists who excel at providing custom, comprehensive packaging solutions that can journey from idea to assembly line, and on through final delivery.

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  2. Fluent in stock, bonds, weight and colors.

    With access to a wide range of paper products and suppliers, as well as our own private paper brands, we can help you match the right materials to the right medium of communication for any client.

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  3. Don’t hope it gets there.
    Know it will.

    We make getting from point A to point B more efficient. And in the areas in between, we provide the tracking management and documentation processes that give you unmatched vision and control from a logistics solution.

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  4. Spaces that reflect your business start with floors that reflect your face.

    A polished image follows when our facility solutions advisors lead. With a LEAN approach, Veritiv provides facility solutions built on standardization of products and processes. The end result is a well-managed, consistent experience designed to delight employees and guests.

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  5. Gain confidence from consistent, money-saving print solutions.

    We’re formatted to your business needs. From paper selection all the way through final production, we have the platform to help you produce consistent printed materials. Have confidence in your brand and define a new standard for efficiency for yourself across a wide range of printable media, including catalogs, flyers, direct mail, signage, and packaging.

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Our Story

Veritiv is a leading North American B-to-B distributor. We provide a suite of business solutions that includes packaging, facility solutions, logistics, paper products, and more. Our goal isn’t just to help businesses hit their margins, but lead businesses in widening their margins of victory.

We’re passionate in helping business reach new heights. It’s why we’re trusted by nearly 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

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veritiv express


Efficiency and exceptional customer service are at the heart of Veritiv Express. Discover how our paper, print and packaging expertise can help guide your next project.

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We take great pride in the growth of our local communities. Find out how Veritiv is helping neighborhoods thrive.

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What’s it like working with Veritiv? Explore some of our favorite customer and employee success stories to see how we can make a difference for your business.

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