Industry Experience
Tailored solutions delivered by expert facility advisors

Our commitment to the industry and our customers runs deep. We support a range of customers from manufacturing and property management to higher education and healthcare.


As a leading supplier for the manufacturing industry for many years, Veritiv™ understands the ever-changing concerns of the manufacturing industry. Through our Lean Facility Maintenance approach, we can help you:

  • Reduce operational cost, time, and effort—so you’re more profitable
  • Create cleaner, safer environments
  • Maximize productivity

Exclusive, fact-based solutions

We offer the Lean Event—a data-driven program offered only through Veritiv—in which you and your advisor walk through every room of your business and assess the current system. The result is a report including measurable, actionable product and service solutions.

Our Lean Facility Maintenance Advisors are highly educated and credentialed professionals serving the manufacturing industry today. They are Lean certified through an independent third party, CIMS certified with a solid knowledge base of proper cleaning processes, and have earned the OSHA 10-hour Hazard Recognition merit.

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Managing a facility to the highest standards of cleanliness, efficiency and sustainability is no small feat. Veritiv's High Performance Building Advisors are committed to helping you find a smarter way to manage your buildings.

They are ISSA® CIMS and LEED® green cleaning certified, and will conduct a facility assessment to analyze more than a hundred different aspects of your cleaning program. Working closely with your Advisor, you'll discover solutions that:

  • Improve occupant health and safety
  • Enhance building image and marketability
  • Lower costs
  • Reduce environmental impact

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Colleges and Universities

Get on the path to a smarter, more sustainable campus. Veritiv helps colleges and universities across the country meet student and faculty expectations—and their budget. Cleanliness has a measureable effect on student performance, so we have transformed to become a higher value provider of both service and product recommendations that focus on helping with student productivity and campus marketability.

Work alongside Veritiv Smart and Sustainable Campus Advisors, who are ISSA CIMS and LEED green cleaning certified, to determine the right blend of products and services for all areas of your campus.

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Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare facilities, helping to break the chain of cross-infection is imperative. As the leading innovator of healthcare distribution services, Veritiv offers an integrated, evidence-based system that focuses on expertise, education and fully informed product selections.

Our approach is led by Veritiv’s Healthcare Facility Advisors, who are accredited in HIDA Medical Sales, certified in ISSA CIMS and experts in workloading productivity software. Advisors will identify the processes, procedures and behaviors that play a role in the transmission of pathogens, with a focus on cleaning, sanitation, disinfection and hand hygiene practices.

Hospitality and Lodging

Appearance is everything in this industry. Veritiv can help you find a better way to manage your buildings, so you can stay focused on what matters most: your customers. Our building advisors provide industry-specific consultation and technical expertise to guide your purchasing decisions. And, we can identify cost-saving opportunities and provide recommendations to standardize products across single or multiple locations through our on-site surveys. You can trust Veritiv to deliver the items you need, because we have longstanding relationships with top manufacturers.

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Additional industries served:

  • High-traffic venues
  • Government
  • Cruise lines
  • Retail facilities