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Workloading Consulting

Discover the types of cleaning behaviors your staff needs to follow, how to get the right people allocated, and where to place supplies to be more efficient in facility cleaning.

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Veritiv Workloading

Product Standardization

Use the same professional cleaning products across every facility, and receive the same training on those products so everyone knows how to use them properly. Product standardization lets you identify issues and determine the cause—whether it’s product performance, usage, or a unique situation.

Ecommerce, Inventory & Spend Management Tools

With top-of-the-line technology available 24/7, we can help you track product usage, create predictability for budgeting, and make ordering and replenishment simple and secure.

Our exclusive SmartSync™ system takes inventory management one step further. Simply scan and upload to restock. Real-time data reporting is also available.

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Employee Training

Stay ahead of the competition with employee training. Veritiv™ Advisors are trained on every commercial cleaning product and piece of equipment we sell – and we can help teach your people proper applications for the safest and most effective results. As certified professionals, our programs are designed to help you maintain CIMS, LEED, and green cleaning certifications you need to set your organization apart.

A clear way to view and track your commitment to environmental sustainability

Take credit for the good things you’re doing to reduce your environmental impact through Veritiv’s proprietary Green Gauge analysis tool. Based on the products and usage in your program, you’ll get a Respect Score: a detailed account of how you’re respecting the environment. Green Gauge enables you to quantify your product usage, so you can easily track and report on it for certifications.

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Green Gauge Analysis Tool

Green Gauge Analysis Tool


Spend seconds, not hours, reporting on sustainable cleaning purchases at all your facilities.

* Using Lean Manufacturing to Reduce Costs and Improve Quality, BusinessKnowledgeSource.com


WANDA (Washroom Attendant Notification Digital Aid) is an interactive touch screen that improves your customer service and streamlines your cleaning operations. It’s easy to use, mounts to the wall, tracks supplies, and gives your patrons a voice. When a customer sends a request for cleaning, your staff is immediately notified and can respond quickly.

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